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GERICON bundles various professional design and consulting expertise in the field of industrialized construction only in one hand. It is unique in the world. Independent, with over 40 years of German engineering and architectural experience and projects all over the world.


GERICON’s Shareholders:


Founded in Freilassing (Germany) in 1994, PRILHOFER Consulting has been dealing with consulting and design services for precast concrete component factories all over the world ever since. Many of their customers were pioneers in their markets, wishing to start with the newest precast concrete component technology. PRILHOFER Consulting offers all services from the first idea up to planning and building a production plant.

Apart its integrated services PRILHOFER is always prepared to come up with custom made solutions for individual projects, based on a thorough professional knowledge, a varied experience and brilliant ideas.

The German specialists are experienced in carrying out national and multi-national projects. With its growing know-how over the last 20 years, PRILHOFER is able to offer its customers the reliable basis for their specific decisions in order to save investment costs. The competitiveness of the companies increases considerably and secures a sustainable market success.

You will find further information at www.prilhofer.com


An essential requirement concerning the engineering design of building constructions is to anticipate and prevent difficulties during the completion of the construction work, and to anticipate and solve possible problems prior to the project realization. ZPP has been doing that - for more than 40 years, nationally and internationally with a multidisciplinary approach to their engineering ideas and their processing. Both as a general planner for complex building projects and as a specialist with a view on the big picture.

Our passionate engineers from all areas of construction and divisions are used to thinking outside the box in order to achieve the maximum for our clients. We take a holistic view of our projects, which includes the immediate surroundings, the economy and the environment. In this context we also track the changes in the markets and have a strong feel for the requirements and possibilities of tomorrow.

‘Engineering Future’ is more than just a slogan to us, it summarizes our company philosophy: Civil engineering for a better, more attractive and safer future. The best performance is our goal: This is how we think. And this is how we work.

You will find further information at www.zpp.de/en/