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The Realization of a Building Starts With Designing the Details.

GERICON Think integrated

The GERICON Key to Success:

Sophisticated architectural concepts of the buildings will be tailored to the requirements of the precast technology by means of designing  innovative building systems. The analysis of realistic logistic and assembly activities provides detailed information about the type and amount of the precast elements, that will be required at the constuction site. And exactly that information is neccessary to design a precast plant regarding perfectly coordinated technical components with optimal utilization.
All in all: A complex system is turned into a clever one.



Use the Knowledge of Over 300 Engineers and Architects

With GERICON, you can rely on the knowledge of over 300 engineers and architects, who deal with the requirement for efficient and sustainable construction on a daily basis. We do not only work with classical or industrialized building construction systems, we also design and verify in the business areas of traffic, energy and environment all over the world. And we place this experience and expertise at your disposal in order to achieve an optimal project result. Because we think integrated.


No matter whether you require a simple consultation on the one hand or general planning services on the other hand: GERICON is your competent partner. On the basis of a clarification of your request we offer you target oriented service packages, which are transparently calculated and tailored  to your requirements - including the integration of local partners like HVAC specialists if beneficial.
Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.