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The GERICON-Institute has been founded with the aim to provide people interested in industrialised construction methods with an intensive insight into this technology and its influencing factors. Step by step, we show you how industrialised building technologies can be successfully introduced and used, in order to find the optimum solution under the particular local conditions. The distribution of the integrated approach plays an important role in this.


The GERICON-Institute incorporated the long-time active Prilhofer Institute, which held seminars all over the world, i.e. in Dubai, Pakistan and Australia. This merger is favorable for both parties. The GERICON-Institute benefits from the extensive worldwide experience of the Prilhofer Institute, which on the other hand benefits from the addition of new disciplines and therefore the extension of the range of offered seminars through the GERICON-Institute.


We work independent and ensure you absolute transparency. We have extensive experience due to the execution of worldwide projects with millions of m² of living space. You can rely on the knowledge of our experts specialized in the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering and architecture.


Whether you are already part of a project where you would like to use industrialised construction or you have heard/read of this technology and would like to gain more insights, our workshops help you in enhancing your knowledge.