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To satisfy the huge demand for residential and commercial buildings fast and cost-efficiently and with a high level of quality, intelligent industrialised construction technology with precast concrete elements is the only way. However, industrialised building requires a different mindset to what currently dominates with traditional construction technology. It requires thinking in terms of complex construction cycles, clever detailed solutions under constantly varying circumstances. It is not nearly enough to simply build a factory for precast concrete elements on a greenfield site and get it started. Failure would be inevitable, as real-life examples show.


Only integrated thinking, which unites the interests of city planning, architecture, building system, element production, logistics, assembly and construction with the general economic and ecological requirements, can guarantee the unquestionable advantages of this construction method.


The GERICON-Institute interprets its assignment in the continuous build-up of basic knowledge in the precast construction technology and its extensive influencing factors by means of seminars and training measures. According to this, the program is destined for all those who are interested in the construction technology or newcomer in their application.



Stephanie Schmidt
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