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Industrialized construction system: Simply clever. Cleverly simple.

Industrialized building requires a different mindset to what currently dominates with traditional construction technology. It requires thinking in terms of complex construction cycles, clever detailed solutions under constantly varying circumstances. It is not nearly enough to simply build a factory for precast concrete elements on a greenfield site and get it started. Failure would be inevitable, as reallife examples show.

Precast is a system, not a machine.

The challenge of an engineering process is to anticipate difficulties in the run-up to the construction work. Only integrated design and consulting services, from the feasibility study on the design of precast concrete elements and precast plants, up to construction support, guarantees the unquestionable advantages of the precast building system.

Integrated Services. Excellent Results.

Using precast concrete elements fundamentally changes the whole construction process. Industrialized building means 70% preparation, 30% execution.  GERICON is your competent partner from the initial idea to the construction of the building. Thanks to our integrated approach, the advantages of the complex precast building system can be fully exploited.

Trouble-free. Fault-tolerant. Fast.

Overall, the whole building project is easier to manage, with significantly less stress for the client as well. Accurate preliminary design and computer-aided assembly make industrialized building extremely fault-tolerant – changes can be reacted to quickly. Above all, a significant amount of time can be saved.

About Gericon

Nature is the best engineer:
All aspects of every structure are extremly efficient, functional and sustainable. Anyone who assimilates this principle prevails.

Efficiency improved by a factor 4-5: Compared to in-situ concrete constructions,  the efficiency could be increased by factor 4-5. But also In comparison to existing precast plants built without external consulting, production efficiency can be increased by up to 15% and the savings potential can likewise amount to 15% – these are millions of Euros for only one large precast plant.


Up to 5 times faster: A reallife example: 260 m2 housing requires 0.9 days for assembly with precast concrete elements, while assembly with in-situ concrete requires 4.4 days. The time saving is tremendous.